SnowStoppers Waterproof STAY-ON Mittens

Are you tired of trying to get mittens to stay on your toddler? Then SnowStoppers are perfect for you! The Fleece mittens not only stay on, but are pretty easy to get on as well. They really stretch allowing you to help get your child's thumb into the right place. My 2 year old can put them on by herself! What I find really great about these mittens is the extra long wrist protection that stops snow from creeping up between your child's coat and mittens. No more cold, red wrists. They have a fully waterproof lining and Thinsulate 40 Gram Insulation that keeps little hands toasty warm. At $12.95/pair it is a great deal. I did find they run a bit small so order bigger if you are at the high end of the size chart.

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