Spirit Mountain Timber Twister

While planning a fall trip to Duluth, Minnesota this year, my family was excited to hear about a new attraction. Because we love going to Duluth, finding new things to do with the kids is always exciting. The Timber Twister was one I knew would please everyone, and it did. Spirit Mountain, best known for skiing, has built a unique ride in the woods. This alpine coaster has individual cars that ride downhill on a 3,200 foot track while riders control their own speed (a great feature). I tried not to use the brake the whole way down on one of my trips, but I couldn't do it...maybe next time. This alpine coaster differs from an alpine slide because it twists and turns, is elevated off the ground, and operates year round. It is the only alpine coaster in the Midwest. The cost is $8 for a single rider or $12 for two riders. This ride was definitely worth it. My family, ages ranging from 3 to 60, went several times and squeals of joy were heard from everyone. Ok, so maybe my 60 year old dad didn't squeal, but he loved it. The entire ride is about 6 minutes long. From the exhilarating trip down to the relaxing way back up, the ride gives great views of the Lake Superior and the woodsy mountain. In order to ride alone though, you must be four-feet-tall and at least 8 years old. With speeds up to 26 miles an hour- my kids were perfectly comfortable riding in twos- this time. *Note that kids under 3 cannot ride at all. Highly recommended!

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