Cool Gear Deluxe Cereal Kit

Do you ever wish you could eat cereal on the go? I am a cereal lover; anyone who knows me knows that I could eat cereal any time of day. When I saw this Deluxe Cereal Kit by Cool Gear International, I was pretty excited. This cereal kit is part of the Stay Fit line of products that are designed for healthy eating on the go. This kit comes with a bowl that holds up to 18 oz of cereal. It has a snap-on cover that not only covers the cereal, but holds 11 oz of milk in a freezer gel container that stays cold for up to 4 hours. Perfect. The cover has an easy pour spout and even a folded spoon. There is nothing else you need and it's compact and easy to carry.
All this for $8.99.

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• No bisphenol A (BPA)

• Non-toxic freezer gel

You can find this and more great gear at
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