Gear Giveaway!

We are really excited about spring, but even more excited about our first gear giveaway! Kelty has given us this awesome FC 3.0 Child Carrier Backpack and it could be yours!
This carrier has a five-point harness, auto deploy kickstand and some other great extras including a sun hood and changing pad! Not only does it carry your child well, but all of your snacks and necessities too. The kickstand is what I love about this! You are able to easily load the child in and out of the carrier with it sturdily on the ground. I have struggled one too many times with my husband trying to get our babies in and out of these contraptions! It is the Rolls Royce of carriers. Your little one will be riding in style and comfort. MSRP $249.95
  • A fully padded suspension and an easy-to-use torso adjustment enable you to carry up to 50 pounds of child and gear
  • Five-point adjustable harness holds your child securely in place
  • Padded seat adjusts in height for a perfect fit
  • Front pad can be removed and washed for improved cockpit hygiene
  • Toy loops allow you to clip on alternatives to the ever-favorite parent-hair-pulling activity.
  • Zip-off cargo pack stows diapers, snacks, and a change of clothes; additional storage space under the seat ensures you’re fully equipped for your outing.
  • Sun / rain hood keeps you trekking when the sun starts beating down or you hit a drizzly patch

So do you want a chance to be the lucky winner? Go to our Facebook Page and like My Rugged Kid, then suggest us to some of your friends via FB, Twitter or old fashioned email! If you don't have FB (come on people, even my 81 year old grandfather has an account), subscribe to our Posts. After you do this, COME BACK to the blog at and leave us a comment about why you love Kelty. One winner will be chosen at random on Monday, February 21st at 8pm.

Good luck!

26 Responses
  1. Robert Spaniol Says:

    Robert Spaniol Wow! I just checked out the Kelty website! I had no idea they had tents. That carrier would be a Godsend at my house and I would love it when I fo to CO this summer. Thanks for guiding me to their site! I'm putting Kelty in my tent shopping list for sure! Can't wait to tell my friends! Thanks Kelty and My Rugged Kid! You rock!

  2. J.Stroup Says:

    Hey Kelty! I am so excited for the chance to win the child carrier. Our family LOVES to camp and hike. This would be a great thing to have on our trips. I sure hope we are considered; we of course would brag about the new Kelty gear to all of our outdoor friends. Thanks for great products, keep them coming!!! J.Stroup

  3. Heather Says:

    Hi! I'm glad I found this neat little blog:) I liked your page and suggested to friends:)

  4. Shannon Says:

    I really do love Kelty! My very first backpack was a Kelty and I have used nothing else ever since. They are #1 in quality, comfort and functionality.

  5. Sandie Says:

    I love to backpack and have a few Kelty items. These items are very durable and handy. They have held up through many a camping and backpacking trip!

  6. amber Says:

    makes me want another baby!

  7. Anastasia Says:

    I liked you on Facebook and suggested your site to my Twitter followers!

    anastasia at eco-babyz dot com

  8. Anonymous Says:

    I work at a front desk and spotted one of my guests with a Kelty child carrier just this week. I was so impressed with the quality, and my guests raved about the product. He told me it's a Kelty, and I immediately went online to the website. Im very lucky to live in a place where I can enjoy the outdoors most of the year. I ride my bike or walk most places. I will be a first time grandma this June. I think this product would be perfect for my grandbaby and me to enjoy some special time together outside. I love the sun bonet feature. Nicely done Kelty!

  9. Unknown Says:

    Ok, we bought this exact backpack for our first daughter and we all LOVE it!! We have another daughter and will soon need another backpack so we can all go on treks into the woods. Thanks for having this giveaway....I'll be keeping my fingers crossed!!! Love the blog, liked and recommended it on FB!! I really love the premise of the blog. Our family lives in the heart of the Coconino Natl. Forest in AZ (my husband is a wildland firefighter). We live 40+ miles from a grocery store, but the forest is only a few steps away!!!

  10. I liked your fan page on facebook (I'm Janice Luke-Smith) and I've added it to my fan pages favourites. I like Kelty because they sell great products to encourage an active family. I would love the carrier so we can take our youngest out on hikes with us (and it would come in handy while taking the older kids sleding).

  11. Anonymous Says:

    Hey My Rugged Kid, It's great to hear 2 great companies teamed up. The outdoors is where my family finds the best quality time together. We are so excited for the spring and be part of nature. My wife is so excited about the chance to win a great product. Have a great and prosperous year! J.Stroup

  12. Nic Says:

    Looovveeee Kelty because it allows me to get outside with babies, toddlers, preschoolers, and grade schoolers all at once with my hands free!

  13. Montann Says:

    Kelty is another word for Quality!!

  14. Unknown Says:

    I love Kelty. I've used 2 carriers that help up great.

  15. Anonymous Says:

    Id love to win some Kelty gear for the new baby and outdoor activities this summer costana@q.comse

  16. Anonymous Says:

    I live and hike in the Finger Lakes region of New York state and spend time in the Adirondacks whenever I can. I am a father of two boys under 4 yrs old. My Rugged Kid and Kelty could make our outdoor experiences more enjoyable. Thank You for the information on both sites!!!

    Sincerely Yours,
    Anthony Cerquone

  17. Unknown Says:

    I love Kelty, this backpack would be awesome!

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  19. Unknown Says:

    I love Kelty! This would be great for my nephew who just had twins 5 days ago.

  20. marisa ruder Says:

    I love kelty, they are a great brand with tons of great products. I like their backpacks for everyday use, for hiking and carrying my baby.
    Marisa Ruder

  21. Jennifer Says:

    I have a Kelty backpack I have used for years. Used to ride my bicycle to and from work everyday, even in the rain, and the Kelty backpack and raincover made it possible. There are lots of little pockets for various items and water bottles, etc. This child carrier would be perfect to carry stuff AND a little friend! I ma also pretty sure this brand carrier is what I used in Australia hiking with a seven month old on my back, and no sunburn for him! Just a nice, cozy nap. Keep up the good work, Kelty!

  22. I love kelty carriers because they are one of a few that the baby does not touch your skin allowing you both to stay cool and enjoy the outside. Most other carriers are way to hot, with a baby touching you and moving around! Plus as a twin mom kelty carriers are amazing, its like having another set of arms :)

    PS: liked your FB page, retweeted your giveaway and followed your blog, its a great one!

  23. JA Says:

    Woow, I hope I can win this for my daughter, it looks GREAT.

  24. JA Says:

    I know somwone that would really like this. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

  25. Anonymous Says:

    I would love to win this kelty carrier. What a great product!

  26. Unknown Says:

    Loved our back country for a 3 day hiking trip with our 1 year old. Made the trip a breeze for us and a blast for my daughter.

    Now we have 3 and I want to keep the hiking going!