You get what you pay for, Part 2

I had high hopes that changing the location of our weekly winter playdate may result in a better experience for us. Not so much. We arrived with eager children ready to play when I realized I broke one of the major rules in using the equipment....NO SOCKS. Oops. Thankfully, I was quickly told that I could purchase a pair for one dollar, well worth saving myself from the tantrum that would have occurred if we had to leave. Unfortunately, the socks would probably have fit me. Why they would sell socks that would never even fit the child on the upper end of the age limit for the play structure beats me. I put them on my two year old, as far up the leg as possible, and figured we could make it work for the short time we planned on being there. Of course the socks began to immediately inch off of her feet and the employee was sure to alert me instantly. Yes, I see, but they still have about three feet to fall before they are off.

On to the second major rule broken.... You know the toys they gave out in the kids meals? Of course you do because that's really the only reason kids want this food to begin with. So, I hand my daughter her toy upon bringing the food to the table, because she was already reaching up and begging for it. After I convinced her to eat at least a little of her meal, she left to play on the structure. Oh, thank you Officer Playland, I was not aware that the toys are not allowed on the play structure in fear of them being lost and left in there. Because that would be a bummer. I so look forward to taking those toys home and stepping on them all hours of the day. What a tragedy. So now I have to tell my daughter she has to leave the coveted toy if she wants to go play. Seems easy enough right? Not really. At some point she takes the toy in anyway and soon after I feel a presence over my shoulder but try to ignore it. It doesn't go away. Yes officer, I know, she brought the toy in.... He also points out that my daughters socks are about to fall off. Yes, I'm well aware of that too. Now go back to mopping for the 5th time under my table so my daughter walks in it with her socks. Thanks for that.
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    love it!!