You get what you pay for....

Well, we've had some very cold days lately here in the great state of MN. I am talking windchills of 20 below! Unbearable to say the least. So, what happens when you have to stay inside with your kids for multiple days in a row? Those of you with kids know the answer. Those of you without...just know that's it not good. A few of us moms had the grand idea of taking a lunch break with the kids at a nearby well-known playland eatery. Think about it, the kids get to run around and burn off some energy, they have some "healthy" options like apples and milk, and us moms get to have a little grown up conversation. Sounds great, right? Well, that's where it ends.

Our first meeting came with an adult fight right in the middle of the playland. There was a man in a mini-van driving through the drive-thru with a two year ON HIS LAP and about 5 other little ones literally running around inside the van. This is clearly visible from the playland windows. As we all sit and stare in disbelief, one dad in the playland deicided to snap a photo so he could report it to the proper authorities, and probably post it to his FB wall. This caused the man in the van to stare him down, jump out of his car, (leaving all kids alone in the car mind you...) enter the playland, and threaten to kick the man's a$$. I was impressed that the playland dad totally kept his cool and camly stood his ground repeating "I just want to make sure the kids are safe". Well, our kids safely expanded their vocabulary that day! The man left without much more of a fight and angrily drove away, clearly displaying the company name and number on the back of his van....

The fight didn't scare us off and we decided to meet there again the next week. This playdate didn't have vulgar language, just a big gross factor. As our kids were happily playing in the very top of the playland we noticed a little girl exiting the tube slide with wet pants. I am talking wet down both legs. I fully expected the parent of this child to do what we would have done. Quickly grab the child, alert the staff, and run to the car. Nope. The said parent continued to eat his fries and watch his soaking bottomed child sit on all of the benches and re-enter the playland. NASTY. That was our cue to leave. The only thing stopping us was retrieving our children from the top of the adult-unfriendly play system. As we made clever attemps to quickly lure our kids out we started wondering how often they clean this huge mass of plastic. We assumed they must spray it down at least once a day, right? I am betting from the looks of disgust on our faces that day, all of our kids got a scrub down when they got home.

Ok, so two less than stellar days. Third times a charm right? Or is it a strike out? Well, last Friday's event topped it all. One of our 3 year old daughters alerted us that there was "spilled milk" on the twisty slide so she could not go down. Her mom debated for a moment about climbing in and wiping up the "milk", but out of fear it was another child's vomit, she decided to flag down the staff instead. Little did we know that a major dilemma was about to unfold. We were all immediately informed that the entire playland was now shut down. Oops. We stared at each other for a minute and then decided that it's ok, because they're going to send someone in to quickly clean it up, right? Wrong. After standing and staring at the play system for a good 15 minutes, dumb and dumber disappear into the kitchen area for another 15 minutes. I could see there was a debate of some kind going on back there. All this time, one employee stayed in the play area to "monitor". When a couple of employees finally walk in, the "playland monitor" walks up to one employee and says "I need to tell you something in private". Of course, this has the attention of us we eavesdrop. He tells the employee that he thinks he is too big to fit in the play structure. The guys go back to the kitchen. FINALLY, in walks a tall, thin teenager with a look on his face that is half embarrassment/half irritation. Poor guy must have gotten the job because he's the lightest employee and maybe has the least seniority. The older staff person sent this guy into the structure totally empty handed. Hmm. The young man came down the slide and said there was just a little water up there. Ok, our daughter said it was milk, but we ask did you go to the purple twist slide, is that where you went? He assured us that is where he went. Next, he is sent in with a rag. No spray or disinfectent. Just a rag. Probably a dirty rag at that. He finally exits the slide again and gives the all clear. Out of curiosity, we decide to send in our child who first saw the mess to check out the situation. Just as we suspected, she emerges from the slide and declares the "milk" is still there! Buh Bye!

This situation made us wonder...if it took employees over 30 minutes to clean up a spill at the top of a slide (and even then, it wasn't actually cleaned up), who in the world cleans it at night? Leaves us to believe no one does. Ewwww. Now, I know what you're all thinking....never go there again, right? Wrong! Just because we are oh so curious, we're going to try a different location this week and see what happens. We'll keep you posted!

***I almost forgot to mention one minor occurance during the middle of all this drama. My daughter dropped her kid-size cone on the ground. Ice cream part down. You can imagine her delight. Yes, I brought my child to the playland, but there was no way I was going to let her eat that cone. I told her I'd get her a new one. Simple. I went to the counter and the thin man said, "Did you daughter drop her cone?" Yep, she did. I offered to pay for a new one, but he said no. Nice. Then, he looked around and got a look of panic on his face. He told me that he doesnt really know how to make cones. I reassured him that it was ok, I just needed a little bit, no big deal. Well, I WISH I had taken a picture of that cone. It was like a Picasso of ice cream cones. Words cannot describe it, but just know that if I would have picked up my daughter's ice cream off the ground and plopped it back into the cone, it would have looked a million times better than this cone. Again, you get what you pay for.
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  1. Kathy Says:

    That is hillarious! Well at least you got a good story out of it.