Julbo sunglasses for kids

Some people may think of sunglasses as only a summer or warm weathered accessory. But even here in Minnesota, that's not the case. Snow can be VERY bright, especially when trying to play outside on a sunny day. I got a pair Julbo “Debora” sunglasses for my 7 year old, and she loves them.
Her eyes are sensitive to the sun and bright snow (like most people) but I have found that many of the sunglasses out there for kids are not made with quality and functionality in mind. These are great. The wrap around frame fit better than any other sunglasses she’s had and because of the full coverage, they block the sun. Like all Julbo glasses, the lenses provide 100% protection from UVA, UVB, and UVC radiation and only allow 13% of visible light through. The frame is somewhat flexible (a bonus considering she’s only 7) and the polycarbonate lens is lightweight and comfortable enough that she keeps them on for a long time and they don’t get in the way of playing. Now, because she’s 7, I had to make sure the glasses would be cute enough or she wouldn’t wear them. She has the color “violet” and loves them. They are recommended for ages 6-10 which seems right on.
MSRP $40.00

Now, for my younger daughter, we decided to try the Julbo “Looping 3” toddler sunglasses. 

These glasses offer the same great eye protection and wrap around shape as the other glasses but come with a flat elastic strap, curved temples, and reversible frame. This means that my daughter can put them on successfully by herself (there is no upside down!) and is not bothered by them at all. They’re cute, they’re functional, and have no hinges, which means less chance of breaking!
MSRP $32.00
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