Some days you need to bring the outdoors inside. Minnesota Sea Life Aquarium.

My brother recently completed a construction job at the former Underwater World in the Mall of America, now Sea Life Minnesota Aquarium.  Lucky for us, they held a grand opening for employees and their families!  Not only have the exhibits been revamped with some very cool scenery, but they have added a new sting ray exhibit, a play area for small children and nearly doubled the number of sea creatures on display to 10,000.  

The new sting ray exhibit features a deck with a plexi-glass platform that jets out over the tank.  It took some of the kids a little time to work up the courage to step out there!  Underneath the deck are a couple of viewing bubbles the kids loved climbing into.  There are several touch pools too.  The kids can hold or touch a crab, star fish and other small sea creatures.  The staff was very helpful and informative in these areas.  

My favorite area was the world's largest jellyfish exhibit.  It featured several cylindar tanks with different kinds of jellyfish.  The room was dark and each of the tanks had different colored lights cycling which would make it look like the jellyfish were actually changing colors.  

 The majority of the sea creatures are located in a 300 ft tunnel that you walk through.  You are able to get all kinds of views of the sea life, from sharks to sea turtles.  
Look up kids!

Children's Play Area  Ages 2-5

The Aquarium offers many extras too, from birthday parties to scuba diving.  For pricing and hours head to their website at  Be sure to check out the buy your tickets online for a discounted admission price!
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