What are you doing with your money back?

It's March and that means one thing around here, REI dividend time!  The big question is how are you going to spend your money?  

I have my eye on The North Face's Momentum coat, so cute!

My husband has been wanting a pair of FiveFingers shoes for a long time now.  I understand they are supposed to give you the feeling of running barefoot, but I just can't get past the looks of them!
My daughter has her little heart set on these rain boots by Western Chief.  I must say I think they are adorable!

When I asked my son what he would want, of course, he went big and decided he needed to upgrade his bike to this 24" Novara Tractor.  
So, what do you have YOUR heart set on?
2 Responses
  1. Says:

    I grew up in moccasins (my grandmother was Native) and have been wanting 5 fingers for quite a bit. They are awesome! However, if you haven't spent a ton of time barefoot, you have to rework the way you walk. If you walk as you do in shoes both your knees and you back will hurt. When you walk barefoot you use the ball of your foot and cushion more. He should get them, though. They rock!

  2. MRK Says:

    I think I am gonna have to break down and try them out! Thanks for the advice.