Pie Iron: A Must Have Cookout Tool

My brother turned me on to a favorite campfire cooking tool he used in Boy Scouts: the Pie Iron!  He was not exaggerating when he raved of the deliciousness this piece of equipment could bring to your campsite or backyard fire pit.  The Pie Iron consists of two metal castings that hook together using a hing.  Metal rods with wood handles extend from the castings so the user can easily maneuver the pie iron over a campfire. A few minutes over the heat and a perfectly toasted sandwich or pie emerges from the cooker.  You can make anything from a grilled cheese sandwich to a pizza pie to an omelet in minutes.  I, however, prefer the yummy desserts.  The kids love the pies we make with two pieces of bread and a scoop of their favorite pie filling, cherry and apple are the favs around here.  Mine consists of two pieces of bread, a scoop of peanut butter, some chocolate chips and a marshmallow.  It is heavenly and better yet, easy! 

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  1. Stephanie Says:

    That looks awesome. I just showed it to my husband, too. I think we have to get one.