Bundle Up, Winter is Here!

Well, winter is upon us and cabin fever is setting in.  In order to keep this Mama's sanity outside play is a MUST!  I have found the secret to outdoor play, and I am talking more than five minutes, is quality snow gear that provides extended warmth and dryness.  I have found it is well worth investing in good products that will not only hold up to the wear and tear of active little ones, but will also increase their time spent outside.  I swear by two winter brands for coats and pants.  Both North Face and Obermeyer have both the quality and style I love.  They both hold up with many, many wears and washings and can actually be passed down to other children without looking like they are wearing the leftovers.  More bang for the buck!  I love the designs and fun prints they offer, something other than those boring primary colored sets everyone seems to have, and honestly, make me cringe. 

North Face has an awesome boys jacket called the Vestamatic Triclimate Jacket.  What I love most is the vest which can be worn inside or outside the jacket, or alone.  My 7 year old often starts out with the whole jacket but quickly works up a sweat and ends up just wearing the vest.  This jacket also has all the fun extras such as the goggle cloth, glove clips and media pocket.  Perfect for your snowboarder in the making!

North Face Vestamatic Triclimate Jacket  MSRP $175

For my little girl I opted for the Karma Jacket by Obermeyer.  This jacket is the cutest thing with wishing stone zipper pulls and snaps and a little working compass that is the envy of all of her playmates.  Not only does it have the fun fashion extras, but it really is a smart, warm design.  From fleece earwarmers and chin guards to the alligator clips to hold onto those mittens they love to rip off.  I think the best feature of this jacket is the "I-Grow" system.  There are threads inside the coat you can clip when your child grows that will add a 1/2 inch to the cuffs!  Some of Obermeyer's snowpants have the same technology and can add up to 2 inches in length!  Cha-ching! 

Obermeyer Karma Jacket MSRP $129.50
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