Winter Kicks for Kids

With our winter coats and pants all set, we moved on to the boots.  Boots in Minnesota need to be warm, waterproof, have good traction and, did I mention, warm.  Last year the number one reason my youngest wanted to come inside was cold tootsies.  I remember those days as a kid, we would come in from playing and put our soaking wet boot liners on the radiator to dry.  Our feet were frozen and all the hot chocolate in the world couldn't warm them up fast enough.  There are seriously few things worse than spending all that time bundling up the kids and yourself, dragging all the sleds to the top of the sledding hill, with the kids sitting in them of course, and then to have them go down one run and call it quits.  Awesome.  My mission is to prevent that this year and gosh darn it, I think we did it! 

Keen makes some very stylish, yet durable kids boots.  They are easy on and off so even my youngest can handle them thanks to Keen's cinch system (think drawstring).  I love the rubber toe bumper these boots have.  It saves their little toes when they inevitably kick into a big chunk of ice while trying to break up the snow pile.  

The traction proved to be great. The other day Mom slipped down a slope of ice while dragging her little one with her...thankfully the traction kept the munchkin upright.  This time when we put them to the test it was Mom who had the cold toes, the kids never even whimpered.  Looks like I need to invest in a pair for myself.  Check out a couple of styles we love below!

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